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Unleash Your Potential and Optimise Your Training, Nutrition and Supplementation with Proven Methodologies. 

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Training, Nutrition and Supplementation 

The BSc (Hons) Vaudejes training methodologies contain 3 the building blocks of exercise.

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The tailored training program is designed to help you achieve incredible body transformations. I will create a training program specifically for you so you can reduce fat, build muscle and maximise your size in no time.  I will be with you every step of the way, guiding and encouraging you to reach your goals. Unlock your full potential with a personalized plan!

Nutrition is the cornerstone of success in achieving your fitness goals. Our training services offer a flexible and sustainable nutrition approach that is delicious and tailored to your individual needs. Our nutrition specialists will work with you to create a plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

I will provide you with comprehensive supplementation advice tailored to meet your individual goals. I offer advice on which supplements to use, when to take them and how to use them to get the most out of your workouts.


Find Your Perfect Training Programme For Your Great Goals


Muscle Building 

Old School Bodybuilding


At Home

6 Week At Home Workout

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Fat Loss 

Body Thermo

Salmon Fillet

Nutrition Review 

Full Recommendations 

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Strong In 10

Slimming Tea T2

40 Days Journey 


Hear What Others Have to Say

I'm really busy at work and I don't have time to go to the gym. Alex  works around my schedule and saves me time.


I like training at the comfort of my own home as I don't feel at ease exercising in a gym environment.

Alex is very supportive and reassuring.  


I've never exercised before, I always thought it a chore but with Alex's personal plan I've started seeing results in as little as 4 weeks.


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